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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Discipline appears to be the theme of Packers’ coaching candidates

The Packers are seeking a return of accountability in 2019

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The search for the next Green Bay Packers head coach is still in its infancy but judging by the list of candidates the team has reached out to so far, one common thread seems to be emerging.

A need for discipline.

This makes one assume both team president Mark Murphy and general manager Brian Gutekunst feel former coach Mike McCarthy was getting a little too lax and perhaps a little too comfortable with his players. Players were not being held accountable and that is what Murphy and Gutekunst apparently feel needs to change first and foremost.

New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels seems to be the perfect candidate if this is the case. He’s stood up to Tom Brady multiple times and they’ve still succeeded together. He doesn’t come without his risks, but having Rodgers on the roster could be something that ultimately makes McDaniels fully commit to finally leaving New England.

Others on the list also would install a strong sense of discipline including Patriots linebackers coach Brian Flores who has called himself a disciplinarian and Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak.

Regardless of who the Packers hire, it seems like restoring order is top of mind for the team. Gutekunst by all accounts had a phenomenal offseason but that didn’t translate onto the field.

Gutekunst proved he can get the right ingredients. Now he just needs to find a talented chef.

There’s more on the coaching search plus where the Packers rank as far as appeal in their coach opening in today’s cheese curds.

Packers’ confirmed coaching candidates indicate a desire for discipline—

While the Packers never had the look of a team completely lacking discipline, players were not being held accountable for their mistakes so that is where Green Bay is focusing on their search it appears.

Packers clean out lockers—

Uncertainty hung in the air over Lambeau Field more than any time in the last 13 years Monday as players emptied their lockers. The team will likely look vastly different in 2019, it’s just not clear who will be back and who won’t.

Packers gain plenty of company in their coaching search—Wisconsin State Journal

There are now eight openings in the NFL, which is 25% of the league. Green Bay will have to move fairly quickly to get their guy despite the obvious attractiveness of their job.

Ranking NFL coaching vacancies: Browns, Packers most alluring—

One would assume the Packers would be hands down the most attractive job thanks to the presence of Rodgers, but Baker Mayfield’s stunning debut in Cleveland has propelled the Browns into the top tier as well.

Package thief makes off with box of cat poop—UPI

There is no word if a San Diego nightclub owner tried to make the thief eat said cat poop.