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Cheese Curds 1/10: Matt LaFleur a ‘perfect’ fit for Packers

Reaction rolls in about the new head man in Green Bay.

Green Bay Packers Introduce Matt LaFleur - Press Conference Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The ink is dry on the contract, the introductory press conference is over, and now all that’s left for the Packers’ coaching search of 2019 is to decide what it all means.

The Packers have decided it means they got exactly the guy they were looking for. Of course, they did. Everyone always does, just like how every year, 32 NFL teams manage to draft the player that was at the top of their board in the first round.

Other observers will choose to take the Packers word for it. Some won’t. Either way, nobody will know for sure, since real, actual football is more than half a year away.

In the meantime, we can enjoy digesting platitudes from team executives and mission statements from the new Packers coach. We may not be able to actually decide what it all means, but that’s not going to stop anyone from trying.

Packers’ long search turns up ‘perfect candidate’ in Matt LaFleur | Packers News

From criss-crossing the country for interviews to dealing with a GPS derailment, Jim Owczarski has the details on how the Packers landed on Matt LaFleur as their next coach.

NFL coaching grades 2019: How each team’s new hire rates | SB Nation

If the dispatches from Green Bay seem too much like hagiographies for your taste, consider SB Nation’s assessment of the Matt LaFleur hire a splash of cold water.

On Bart Starr’s 85th birthday, take a look back at his place in Packers history | Packers News

In addition to giving us our first real look at Matt LaFleur, Wednesday was also the esteemed Bart Starr’s 85th birthday.

Vikings to interview Joe Philbin for OL coach opening | Packers Wire

As Matt LaFleur works to assemble his coaching staff, members of the 2018 staff are starting to get opportunities elsewhere. Philbin, who broke into the league as an assistant offensive line coach with the Packers, will get a shot at a post-Packers gig when he interviews with the Vikings for their vacant offensive line coach job.

Former Packers coach Mike McCarthy will sit out 2019, report says | Sporting News

And speaking of former Packers coaches, former head coach Mike McCarthy won’t be doing any coaching at all in 2019. He’ll sit out the season as he collects the remainder of what he’s owed on his contract with the Packers before reassessing his options next offseason.