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Friday Cheese Curds: Packers hope the past breeds future success for Nathaniel Hackett

In Green Bay, the former Jacksonville play caller will work with the best quarterback he’s ever had.

Buffalo Bills 2009 Headshots

When Matt LaFleur was hired as the new head coach of the Green Bay Packers, there was excitement yet also some trepidation concerning his offense in Tennessee this season.

Now LaFleur has hired Nathaniel Hackett as his offensive coordinator and the same concerns have arisen over Hackett’s performance in Jacksonville after he was fired in November.

Both LaFleur and Hackett had to deal with major injuries to their offenses: LaFleur with quarterback Marcus Mariota damaging nerves in his throwing arm and Hackett with a beat up offensive line plus being saddled with Blake Bortles at quarterback.

The Packers are counting on both coaches’ experience before 2018 to carry them to success in Green Bay and it’s a good bet they can pull it off. The Jaguars’ offense actually got even worse after Hackett left plus he got an incredible amount of production out of Bortles in 2017 after Jacksonville nearly made Super Bowl LII.

The path to Green Bay was also littered with a lot of mediocrity from the quarterback position with Hackett coaching players like Kyle Orton, EJ Manuel and Bortles. Not the most gifted group of guys.

Hackett a hasn’t worked with a quarterback of Aaron Rodgers’ caliber. It’s like going from the outhouse to the penthouse and it will be interesting to see that relationship develop as Hackett, Rodgers and LaFleur are now joined at the hip to turn the offense around.

If Rodgers wanted new ideas on offense, he’s got them. Now it’s up to Hackett (and LaFleur) to keep the quarterback on target and in line, especially if the team passes (no pun intended) on hiring a true quarterbacks coach.

You can read more on the Packers’ new offensive coordinator and how the running game will be more center stage next season in today’s cheese curds.

Nathaniel Hackett hire part of Matt LaFleur’s offensive process for Packers—

Hackett won’t be calling the plays in Green Bay so his attention can be working with the quarterbacks and the offensive as a whole.

Packers’ Matt LaFleur plans to establish running game, then let Aaron Rodgers ‘go play’—Clutch Points

If you think there was too much on Rodgers’ plate during the final year of Mike McCarthy’s tenure then what LaFleur is singing should be music to your ears.

Only 3 possibilities remain for Packers’ second first-round pick—Packers Wire

The Packers will pick 12th overall and their second first round pick will be determined by when the New Orleans Saints’ season ends. Regardless, the pick will be in the 30s.

Irv Comp exemplified one-platoon football for Packers—

Players had to play multiple positions in the 1940s but for a player to lead a team in passing and in caught interceptions is pretty remarkable. Comp still holds the rookie single season interception record with 10.

Police seek volunteers to get drunk for training exercise—UPI

Getting drunk and running into the police is usually a nightmare. Not this time.