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Thursday Cheese Curds: Packers have a diverse field of head coaching candidates

NFL: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

In Tuesday’s Cheese Curds, we highlighted a common theme that had emerged from the list of head coaching candidates for the Green Bay Packers. That theme was discipline.

Today we look at the inverse and look at the varying backgrounds of the candidates. Some are former NFL head coaches who are now coordinator or position coaches. Some are coordinators looking to be head coaches for the first time. The Packers are clearly exploring all avenues and aren’t looking for a specific set of qualifications aside from what they feel is a need to instill some kind of discipline.

They also vary in age from 37 (Brian Flores) to 63 (Jim Caldwell). While the young hotshot trend that seems to be sweeping the league is something Green Bay is considering but they also aren’t afraid to look at the older and more seasoned coaches as well.

You can read more on the coaching candidates plus a current Packer eagerly awaits the next step on his father’s journey to Canton in today’s cheese curds.

Green Bay Packers coaching candidates come from varied backgrounds—

This is a nice breakdown of all the candidates and it’s clear the Packers want the best fit, regardless of background.

Mike McCarthy would be a great hire for the Jets: Brett Favre—New York Post

In one of the great ironies in team history, could McCarthy land with the Jets after being jettisoned by the Packers just over 10 years after the same happened to Favre? The quarterback seems to think it would work.

Ex-Green Bay Packer, CSI to hold pro-style combine for youth—The Monitor

A brain aneurysm forced Bernard Blake to turn from football to criminal investigations, but he still loves the game and will be holding a camp for kids.

Clay Matthews hopes his dad takes another step toward Hall of Fame—

The finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2019 will be named tonight and the Packers linebacker hopes his dad makes the cut to the final 15 when the announced is made at 5 p.m. central.

Drunk man enters wrong home, snuggles with Mastiff—NBC 15

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin….