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Cheese Curds, 1/8: Welcome to Green Bay, Matt LaFleur — now let’s get to work

There is plenty for the new coach to do before players report for offseason workouts, and it begins immediately.

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NFL: Tennessee Titans-Minicamp Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

We’re now approximately 15 hours into the Green Bay Packers’ Matt LaFleur era, and as we learn more about the team’s new head coach, there seems to be more and more to like with each revelation.

For example, not only has LaFleur helped preside over good rushing attacks, but he also has maximized his running backs’ receiving contributions. His wide zone scheme seems to fit perfectly with a mobile quarterback who can move the pocket (hello, Aaron Rodgers). He actually uses creative motions and route concepts to scheme receivers open rather than simply relying on them to beat their defenders one-on-one.

In short, LaFleur appears to be the right fit schematically for the Packers’ personnel on offense and seems to run a scheme that will minimize the problems that plagued Green Bay in Mike McCarthy’s later years. Still, questions remain about the 39-year-old, who has just one year of play-calling experience.

With Mike Pettine seemingly a good bet to stay on as defensive coordinator last year, what changes will LaFleur make on that side of the football? Were the Titans’ struggles on offense in 2018 a function of injuries and inconsistency by the players, or did his playcalling factor heavily into that? Perhaps most importantly, will LaFleur and Rodgers be able to get in sync quickly to make this team bounce back immediately in their first year together?

As soon as pen is put to paper on the contract between the Packers and their new head coach, the work begins. Let’s start the ride.

Aaron Rodgers, Mike Pettine among top priorities for new Packers coach Matt LaFleur |
As suggested here, I would expect LaFleur’s first phone call after signing his contract to be to his quarterback with his second going to the Packers’ current defensive coordinator. His reported interest in retaining Pettine will surely rub some Packers fans the wrong way, however.

Titans: Exploring Matt LaFleur's offense with Packers test at hand |
Seeing phrases like "pre-snap movement," "crafty motions," and "find a hole in a defense" should make Packers fans drool after watching Mike McCarthy force his receivers to run iso routes play after play after play. In addition, the 2019 Packers will almost certainly be a zone-blocking team in the run game and will use plenty of real RPOs.

Aaron Jones wants to bring more to the table for Packers |
This is a timely article, which discusses Jones’ desire to become a more reliable pass-catcher. LaFleur’s two stops as OC had excellent receiving backs in Todd Gurley and Dion Lewis, and his previous jobs in Atlanta and Washington had good ones too (Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman, Roy Helu) so perhaps he can help elevate Jones’ abilities in that area as well.

Retired OT Joe Thomas: Matt LaFleur fits perfectly with Aaron Rodgers | Packers Wire
Thomas didn't work with LaFleur personally, but he worked with Kyle Shanahan in 2014 (when Mike Pettine was the Browns' head coach). From his second-hand information, it sure sounds like Rodgers' ability to move around inside and outside the pocket will fit great with what LaFleur likes to do.

Kliff Kingsbury rumors: USC hired him, but NFL might poach as coach -
Now that LaFleur is on board, it's probably a long shot to bring Kingsbury on as offensive coordinator, but the fact that he's even on the market (again) after signing on as USC's offensive coordinator is bizarre.

Market explodes as balloons are full of hydrogen instead of helium | Metro News
Folks - H is for hydrogen, He is for helium. Don't get those mixed up.