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Packers FanPulse confidence hits season-high after offensive explosion against Raiders

Also: are games officiated fairly, and what’s the best football movie ever?

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

A big blowout win and a huge performance from Aaron Rodgers has Green Bay Packers fans riding high into the second of three straight games against AFC West opponents. Rodgers earned NFC Offensive Player of the Week after a six-touchdown game against the Oakland Raiders that resulted in a 42-24 Packers victory, and fans are taking notice of this fun team that is winning games in every conceivable fashion.

FanPulse surveys this week show that Packers fans are at a high mark for 2019 in terms of confidence in the team, a number that would only move higher if the team were to pull off a win over the 5-2 Chiefs this Sunday night. Meanwhile, the FanPulse groups for all of the NFL’s teams got a pair of questions this week. One addresses on-field goings-on, while another gets into how football is portrayed on the silver screen.

The Packers’ ratings dipped a bit last week, following the team’s narrow victory over the Detroit Lions. However, the minor losses in FanPulse confidence rebounded from the eight-point drop after the win over the Raiders.

Confidence numbers are up to 88 percent, putting Packers fans as the sixth-most confident fan base in the NFL at present. That’s a nine-point increase from last week’s 79 percent rating and a full 34 point bump from three weeks ago, when it sat at 54 percent following the Packers’ loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Here’s a look at the 2019 trend:

As for the league-wide questions, it’s clear that NFL fans have little faith in the league’s officiating. When asked if they believe that the games are officiated fairly, a full 76 percent of fans said no:

Perhaps this should have been presented in tandem with another question: are the NFL’s games officiated poorly? This writer believes that officiating certainly is poor, but that the poor officiating is distributed fairly across the league. Aaron Rodgers said recently that “I think it equals out pretty good over the years.” Would you agree with that sentiment?

Finally, this week’s fun question asked fans what the best football movie of all time is. In this writer’s opinion, the FanPulse community got it right, but let us know your favorite in the comments.