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Cheese Curds, 10/8: Matt LaFleur is bringing an evolution revolution to the Packers

This coach doesn’t seem to be stuck in his ways and that should serve the Packers well for a long time

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest criticisms levied at former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy at the end of his tenure (and even after the end) was that he didn’t evolve and didn’t adapt. That refusal is why brought his time as coach to an abrupt end.

You can’t say the same thing about his successor Matt LaFleur, at least after five games.

LaFleur and his coaches aren’t shoving their system down players’ throats. Instead they’re learning what their players are good at and molding their game plans and overall scheme around that. It’s a bold strategy, Cotton and it has been paying off given the offense’s improvement over the first five games

Remember the whole kerfuffle over Aaron Rodgers and how control LaFleur would allow him at the line of scrimmage? Well, Rodgers made an audible to the play that led to Jake Kumerow getting to the Dallas 1 left in the third quarter.

According to Albert Breer of The MMQB, LaFleur didn’t just like the audible, he loved it. Traditionally quarterback freedom to change plays has been limited in the LaFleur/Shanahan offense but when you’ve got arguably the most intelligent thrower of the football ever under center, why wouldn’t you let him make at the line adjustments?

LaFleur and the offense are beginning to figure things out and with an opportunistic defense still making plays, the Packers are 4-1 and coming together faster than most people thought they would and have the look of a team no one will want to be playing come December, January and (fingers crossed) February.

Now onto today’s curds.

For Packers’ Matt LaFleur, willingness to adapt is more than just talk—

LaFleur won’t be forcing any square pegs into round holes. He’ll instead modify the hole so the peg can fit into it properly.

Packers’ offensive line has been up to every task—

The new offense brought in by LaFleur also meant a new zone blocking scheme for the offensive line and so far they’ve adapted fairly quickly as evidenced by the big game Aaron Jones had.

Win over Cowboys proves playoff-caliber Packers should trade for a WR—Packers Wire

The Packers of the past would not have put up 34 points in a game that saw poor performance across the board by the wide receivers and that’s a testament to the roster. That said, Davante Adams (when healthy) will need a Robin to his Batman to truly take the offense to new heights and at this point in the season, a trade is the best option to acquire new talent.

Packers Legend Brett Favre ‘Absolutely’ Wonders If He Played in the NFL Too Long—Bleacher Report

This week in the “dang I’m old” department, Brett Favre turns 50 this week and is marking the occasion by taking a look back at his career. While Packers fans would have loved to see him retire in green and gold, the extension of his career is leaving Favre with concerns about his health as he gets older.

Sports fan asks for beer money and ends up raising $1m for children’s hospital—Sky News

Sometimes a joke leads to much bigger things. Good on this guy, though might I suggest an upgrade from Busch Light. Perhaps some Spotted Cow?