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Cheese Curds, 11/1: After a bit of a break, Packers face another top pass-rusher in Joey Bosa

The Chargers as a team have had little success rushing the passer outside of Bosa, but he can decide a game all on his own.

Los Angeles Chargers v Chicago Bears Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

This week, the Green Bay Packers face another unfamiliar opponent, as they see an AFC West team for the third straight week. The Packers are 3-0 against teams from the other conference so far this year, but the upcoming game against the Los Angeles Chargers will stress the Packers in a way that they have not been stressed these past two games.

Applying the challenge will be the Chargers’ pair of excellent pass-rushers, Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa. The two combined for just 12.5 sacks last year, but that was due in part to Bosa missing nine games with an injury. Go back to 2017 to see their numbers in full effect; that year, each player had double-digit sacks, with the pair combining for 23 in total.

As a whole, the Chargers’ defense has been less than stellar this season. Aside from Bosa and his seven sacks, their overall pass rush has had trouble generating pressure in 2019, and Ingram missed a few games before returning last week. Furthermore, the Chargers rank just 19th in Football Outsiders’ adjusted sack rate, and their defense sits 27th in overall DVOA and 25th against the pass.

But individual matchups can decide games, and the burden will fall primarily on David Bakhtiari and Bryan Bulaga to keep these two from doing just that.

Challenges don’t stop for Packers’ offensive line |
After running quite a gauntlet of pass-rushers in the season's first month, the matchups have been a bit easier for the Packers' line over the past few weeks. That flips back on Sunday, as the Ingram and Bosa are game-wreckers, to use the words of a pair of Packers.

Packers DC Mike Pettine emphasizing execution over scheme against Chargers | Packers Wire
Meanwhile, Pettine has his work cut out for him against one of the NFL's most experienced quarterbacks. He said that Philip Rivers has "seen it all," so his message to his defense will be to execute perfectly.

Packers changed without Davante Adams (and can thrive with him back) - ESPN
The big question on offense, however, will be the re-integration of Adams back into a unit that has had great success while he was out.

Green Bay Packers' walkthroughs contribute to health of roster |
Yes, the Packers had 22 players listed on this week's injury report, but every one of those players participated in Thursday's full-pads practice, at least on a limited basis. This is the healthiest this team has been since this writer can remember, and that is certainly part of the reason for its 7-1 start.

Le’Veon Bell claims Packers were interested in him during trade deadline | Packers Wire
Why would the Packers try to make a move for Bell, particularly when Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams have been destroying defenses with regularity recently? Perhaps Brian Gutekunst was just doing what good GMs do: calling bad GMs with trade offers.

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Today in stupid criminals, a counterfeiter decided to just throw his test prints away in the trash.