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Cheese Curds, 11/22: Mike Shanahan’s influence will be all over Sunday’s Packers-49ers game

Shanahan is rivaling Mike Holmgren for the deepest coaching tree of the past 25 years.

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The Washington Redskins held their rookie mini camp at Redskins Park Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Few NFL coaches have had as many successful assistants as former Green Bay Packers coach Mike Holmgren. His coaching tree is well-documented, with names from Steve Mariucci to Mike McCarthy all ending up in prominent head-coaching jobs of their own. But the tide has shifted, and with many of those former Holmgren assistants aging out of the jobs, only a few remain.

Now, the hot NFL coaching tree belongs to Mike Shanahan, particularly from his tenure in Washington. It’s odd, since his four-year stint there resulted in 24 wins and 40 losses along with just one playoff berth. But three of his assistants at that time are now head coaches, with a fourth adding a branch off the Sean McVay tree.

Shanahan’s influence remains strong, as it was his tenacity and work ethic that stick with the Packers’ current coach to this day. Today’s curds take a close look at that tree and what other qualities remain essential to Matt LaFleur.

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The Mike Shanahan influence runs deep with these two head coaches -- obviously for his son Kyle, but perhaps less so for Matt LaFleur. But LaFleur credits the elder Shanahan as being the person who instilled his toughness and work ethic in him.

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In many ways, the Shanahan tree is similar to that of Holmgren, who had countless assistants go on to NFL head coaching jobs. Both men fostered collaboration and creativity in their assistants, and it's interesting to see how the coaches on opposite sidelines during Super Bowl XXXII have influenced offensive football in the NFL over the past two-plus decades.

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