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Cheese Curds, 11/5: Packers to re-evaluate focus, game plan, prep habits after wake-up call

Meanwhile, a black cat spelled doom for the Giants on Monday Night Football while entertaining football fans everywhere.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Overconfidence? That probably played into it a bit. Distractions in Los Angeles? Perhaps.

Whatever the reason for the Green Bay Packers’ lack of focus on Sunday, head coach Matt LaFleur is determined to get to the bottom of it. LaFleur spoke to the media on Monday to discuss his team’s lackluster effort, and although it sounds like the coaching staff tried delivering all the right messages about staying focused, the team on the field failed to do so.

From early dumb penalties to poor execution and discipline, the loss to the Los Angeles Chargers was a team effort. Now, getting back to being the team that won games in myriad ways in the first half will be a team effort as well.

This week, the Packers get a chance to re-center at home and to learn from the mistakes that they made this week, both on the field and in terms of their preparation. Entering Lambeau Field on Sunday afternoon will be the Carolina Panthers, who possess arguably the most dynamic running back in the league in Christian McCaffrey. But Carolina’s run defense is allowing rushing numbers just as impressive as the ones McCaffrey is putting up, so Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams should get a chance to have big games.

But those big games will only happen if the team as a whole cleans up its issues from week nine. Today’s curds examine those issues, as well as the silliest moment of a Monday Night Football game in recent memory.

Packers examining everything that led up to loss |
Self-reflection is the theme of the week for the Packers after Sunday's embarrassing loss. Everything from workout schedules to travel plans to the game plan will be under scrutiny this week and through the bye.

Matt LaFleur to reevaluate preparation for West Coast trip |
One area in particular that LaFleur will examine is that travel schedule. The Friday flight was pretty normal for Packers teams heading to the West Coast, but the head coach seemed to be unhappy with the schedule even though no players missed curfew. But he also was frustrated with the offensive game plan, which he said got away fro mhim.

Wake-up call or start of a spiral: Which way will Packers go after dud? - ESPN
The 2015 Packers started 6-0, then got blown out in Denver and finished the season on a 4-6 stretch. The 2016 team did the reverse, starting 4-6 and getting beaten soundly in Washington before the "Run the Table" 6-0 stretch to get to 10-6 and a playoff spot. Which type of team will the 2019 squad be?

Packers decided to be ‘cautious’ with CB Kevin King vs. Chargers | Packers Wire
LaFleur also revealed a bit about Kevin King's issues with a groin injury, which were the reason he only lined up for 20 snaps. He did play well when he was on the field, and surely the Packers could use him again this week against the Panthers.

A cat interrupted ‘Monday Night Football’ and it was handled purrfectly -
This was unquestionably the best part of this week's MNF game, as a stray black cat -- who apparently lives around MetLife Stadium -- ran around on the field for a few minutes. Kevin Harlan made a tremendous call of the situation for Westwood One Radio, even working a sponsor read into the silliness.

Man Stabbed to Death Over Chicken Sandwich at Maryland Popeyes - NBC Southern California
The Popeyes chicken sandwich is back, but please don't treat it as a life-or-death situation, even if someone cuts in line in front of you.