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Packers Week 10 FanPulse: Confidence takes a hit after flat effort against Chargers

Are you buying that the Packers just had a dud, or do you think there are more serious issues at play?

Green Bay Packers v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

One week ago, Green Bay Packers fans were riding high. The team was on a four-game winning streak, with victories over the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs in that span. The offense was clicking, and Davante Adams was on the verge of returning to the field.

Fast-forward a few days and those positive vibes have been replaced with an uneasy feeling, worry brought about by the team’s 26-11 road loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. Was that game simply an aberration, brought about by a lack of focus and preparation? Or are there significant problems showing their faces that will prevent this team from being a real Super Bowl contender?

This week’s FanPulse results show that uneasiness, as the confidence index in this team dropped significantly but is still hovering in the positive. Following last week’s season-high confidence rating of 89 percent, the number fell to just 62 percent after the loss in LA. Here’s a look at the numbers overall on the season:

Across the NFL, however, it seems that football fans aren’t too worried about the Packers being a fraud. That was the subject of this week’s national question, as fans were asked to pick which of the teams with two or fewer losses are pretenders. There’s one clear leader in this poll, and although the Packers run second, it’s only with just over ten percent of the vote.

Sorry, Bills fans — the rest of the league isn’t buying in yet. There’s valid reason for that skepticism, however; Buffalo is 0-2 against teams with winning records and 6-0 against those that are .500 or worse. Meanwhile, the Packers have gone 3-1 against teams that are above .500 and 4-1 against the others.