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Thursday Cheese Curds: Packers need to tilt the scales on offense

The offense was clearly unbalanced on Sunday. Can Green Bay find the happy medium on Sunday?

Green Bay Packers v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

A vast majority of us spend a lot of time trying to find balance and a center in our lives. When we find it, it’s a beautiful thing. When that balance gets thrown out of whack, chaos and high stress levels ensue.

The same can be said for a professional football team. After finding balance on offense during a four-game winning streak, that balance was thrown off for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers and it was a train wreck.

With the Carolina Panthers coming to town this week, Green Bay will look to reestablish what made their offense so potent for four weeks even without star receiver Davante Adams. They were able to successfully marry the run with the pass as head coach Matt LaFleur has been preaching since his hiring.

That wasn’t the case against the Chargers. Early and frequent penalties forced the Packers into obvious passing situations and they chose to pass the ball on 39 of 49 plays. That’s about as balanced as a scale featuring a feather on one side and a bowling ball on the other.

Eliminating the penalties would go a long way towards the offense finding the right run/pass ratio but so too would protecting Aaron Rodgers. After the quarterback praised the offensive line’s performance a few weeks ago, Rodgers has been running for his life which also has disrupted the offense’s rhythm.

Add in a defense that is prone to giving up the big play which forced the offense to play from behind and you start to see why the offense struggled on Sunday.

Here’s hoping they get it together because a two-game losing streak isn’t ideal heading into the bye.

Now onto today’s cheese curds.

Packers’ offense gets golden chance to restore balance against Panthers—

Thankfully Carolina’s run defense is almost as bad as Green Bay’s so hopefully this means the running game can get going again.

Packers want to ‘get back to us’ on offense—

The Packers carved out an identity on offense before the loss to the Chargers. Was that just a small speed bump or did that game break something that may take time to repair? We’ll get an answer on Sunday.

Davante Adams (toe) suffered ‘no setbacks’ in return—

Adams was targeted more than the rest of the receivers combined on Sunday but he didn’t have a great day either. Thankfully Adams didn’t have a setback with his toe but could Rodgers be relying too much on number 17 and not enough on those who got them to the last four wins?

Ibraheim Campbell could give Packers stability at dime linebacker—Packers Wire

The defense has issues in the middle of the field. Is the recently activated Ibraheim Campbell the answer? The Packers are running out of options and it’s a leak that needs to plugged quickly.

University Accepts Peanut Butter And Jelly As Payment For Parking Tickets—Huffington Post

Not a bad solution to pay for those sandwiching their cars into illegal places.