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Thursday Cheese Curds: The Packers are better when Aaron Jones gets the ball

In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue.

Washington Redskins v Green Bay Packers Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

We here at APC know you, our loyal readers, come here for hard hitting Packers analysis and outside the box thinking when it comes to your favorite football team.

For today’s cheese curds, we lead off with an absolutely stunning piece of analysis that will challenge your mind. You may need to read it a few times to comprehend it and we don’t blame you. It’s that mind blowing.

Ready? Ok, get this….

Good things happen when Aaron Jones gets the football.

Having trouble wrapping your head around that? Us too.

Sarcasm aside, when Jones has the ball good things usually follow and not just for Jones individually but the offense as a whole. The Packers are 4-0 when Jones gets the ball 20 or more times (both running and receiving).

The team is still 6-3 when Jones gets the ball less than that, but when you look at the opponents in those four wins they were victories over the Vikings, Cowboys (who were still considered good at that point in the season), the Chiefs and the team from Washington last week. Those are quality opponents with the exception of the last one and Jones was the best player on offense Sunday by a long shot.

With December football and the final regular season games upon us, the recipe for the Packers is simple: feed Jones. It was a lesson the previous coaching regime didn’t follow and one the current staff is learning but still hasn’t quite grasped. There could be concerns about Jones’ durability given games he’s missed the past two seasons but he’s been remarkably durable this season. It’s time to stop fearing the past and being brave enough to embrace the future.

During these final regular season games and into the playoffs, Green Bay’s offense will go through someone named Aaron.

It just won’t be the guy with the surname of Rodgers.

Packers now 4-0 when RB Aaron Jones gets 20 touches—Packers Wire

Matt LaFleur is a pretty smart guy so he should be able to figure this one out fairly easily, especially when his all-world quarterback thinks no. 33 needs to get the ball more.

Aaron Rodgers discusses ‘deciding factor’ for Packers down the stretch—

Speaking of that “other” guy named Aaron on offense, Aaron Rodgers knows the offense has got to find some consistency heading into the final three regular season games or a quick playoff exit could be in Green Bay’s future.

Packers again looking to limit Bears’ running game, keep Mitch Trubisky in the pocket—

The Bears have started to look competent again and that’s in no small part to Mitchell Trubisky not being much of a liability anymore (he’s still not an asset though). Keeping him in the pocket will force him to make throws he hasn’t been consistently good at.

Packers have ‘got a defense,’ but it’s hard to figure—ESPN

When the Packers beat the Bears in the season opener, Rodgers declared that the Packers “got a defense.” Since then it’s been a slow decline for Mike Pettine’s squad that has suddenly landed the coordinator on the hot seat.

Cats Declare War On Christmas In Hilarious Supercut Of Feline Tree Takedowns—Huffington Post

There is a war on Christmas but not in the way some have heard. It’s the household cat versus the decor and the felines seem to be headed toward victory.