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Packers Week 17 FanPulse: NFL fans don’t want to see Green Bay in the Super Bowl

Green Bay got the lowest votes of any NFC team in NFL fans’ preferred Super Bowl participants.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

With FanPulse surveys going out on Mondays, teams that play a Monday Night Football game usually see a lag in their results for a week. That is almost certainly the case for the Green Bay Packers this week, as fans’ confidence in the team only slightly increased this week over last.

The Packers’ 23-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings will likely lead to a significant boost in the confidence index, but it only got a modest bump for the week 17 survey. APC’s survey group increased confidence from 54 percent to 65 percent, likely due to some members responding before the game took place. If the Packers win convincingly in Detroit this week and claim a playoff bye, look for those results to kick up even farther a week from now.

However, one interesting item in the all-NFL FanPulse questions is that fans across the league seem uninterested in seeing the Packers make the Super Bowl. Fans of all teams were asked which of the playoff teams in both conferences they would want to see in the year’s biggest game, and the Packers finished last among the six (well, six-ish) NFC teams:

  1. New Orleans Saints — 33.5%
  2. San Francisco 49ers — 24.2%
  3. Minnesota Vikings — 14.4%
  4. Seattle Seahawks — 9.8%
  5. NFC East champion (Cowboys or Eagles) — 9.2%
  6. Packers — 9.0%

That’s pretty rude, if you ask us. Still, the Packers finished with a higher percentage of the votes than three different AFC teams, as the voting broke down as follows:

  1. Baltimore Ravens — 37.0%
  2. Kansas City Chiefs — 27.4%
  3. Buffalo Bills — 17.3%
  4. New England Patriots — 7.5%
  5. Last Wild Card team (Steelers or Titans) — 6.0%
  6. Houston Texans — 4.9%

Which AFC team would APC-specific readers most want to see in the Super Bowl this year? Vote in the poll below and let us know!


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