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2018 Packers Roster Breakdown: Grades, acquisitions, and free agents

It was a rough year for the Packers in 2018, and APC broke down the roster position-by-position.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past two weeks, Acme Packing Company conducted our review of the Green Bay Packers’ 2018 roster. This annual series chronicles our grades for each position on the roster, as voted on by the APC contributing staff, while breaking down the new faces at each position in the previous year and looking ahead to the offseason’s free agents.

The Packers’ 6-9-1 record was a dismal showing, particularly for a team with Aaron Rodgers under center, and this was reflected in the grades for several positions. Two spots earned failing grades, while another was ever-so-slightly above an F.

Here is the full breakdown for this year, with links to all the grades, acquisitions, and free agents posts.

2018 Position Grades

Key Acquisitions in 2018

2019 Free Agents

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