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The APC Podcast, 2/15: Cap Casualty Cut Candidate Conversation

A number of NFL players may soon be unemployed — could any of them help the Packers?

With the NFL offseason getting ready to shift from neutral to drive, the podcast crew reconvenes to catch up on all things Green Bay Packers. On this episode, we discuss a set of articles from, which highlight some possible cut candidates from around the league — potential cap casualties, age casualties, coaching philosophy change casualties etc. If available, could a player like Raiders OG Kelechi Osemele bolster a position of need? What about a wily veteran receiver with gas left in the tank? cough DeSean Jackson cough. On the Packers side, what will the team do with OLB Nick Perry?

We also hit on newsworthy nuggets like Antonio Brown’s “trade me” press parade, as well as Michael Cohen’s piece, which details a bit more than previously known about Cole Madison’s absence from the team.

Click here to access the episode at Megaphone.

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