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Cheese Curds, 2/19: Getting to know the Packers’ coaching staff; franchise tags begin

Get ready for youth and energy on the Packers’ staff in 2019.

Green Bay Packers Introduce Matt LaFleur - Press Conference Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

February 19th is a notable date on this year’s NFL calendar. Today is the day that NFL teams may begin to utilize the franchise and transition tags. This year’s free agent class has several candidates for those tags, and we’ll get to them later on today. However, that will thin out the top of the free agent class, particularly for pass-rushers.

In Green Bay, the Packers are unlikely to use a franchise tag on anyone this year. In fact, there are no free agents-to-be on the team remotely deserving of receiving a tag. Instead, the team spent most of its energy on Monday introducing the 2019 coaching staff. Matt LaFleur and his coordinators held press conferences while their assistants spoke to the media in scrums in the afternoon.

It’s a young staff, quite a bit younger than what we have seen from the Packers in recent years. That youth manifests itself in a few specific areas, some that may be more concerning than others. But one thing that youth brings is energy, and this team appears to have plenty of that as it prepares for 2019.

In today’s curds, we look at some of the new faces on the staff and get a quick primer on the franchise tag process.

Five things learned from the Packers’ new coaching staff |
From a coach who returns home to Wisconsin to an Illinois native with family ties to the Bears, this coaching staff appears full of excitement and energy. Perhaps nobody is more excited than running backs coach Ben Sirmans, however, as he sees the Packers poised to run the ball more in 2019.

Matt LaFleur's staff lacks experience in vital spots |
Tom Silverstein is very concerned about the youth and inexperience of the Packers' offensive line and wide receivers coaches. As he notes, those were two areas where Mike Holmgren and Mike McCarthy hired veteran coaches rather than men like Adam Stenavich and Alvis Whitted, who have not held those positions in the NFL before.

Mike Pettine, the invaluable resource for Packers coach Matt LaFleur | Packers Wire
Meanwhile, Pettine expects to be a great fit with LaFleur and intends to be a sounding board for his ideas as a head coach. Pettine also promised to tell LaFleur what not to do, using his own experience in Cleveland to inform that advice.

The NFL’s franchise tag is a scam. It’s time to kill it -
The tag started in 1992 as a way for the Broncos to keep John Elway around while they negotiated a long-term deal. It was always intended to be a bridge to those types of contracts, but nowadays it seems like a way of getting one more year out of a player before he hits the market.

Franchise tag primer: Teams can start tagging players -
Here's a look at the options that teams have now that the tag period is open.

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