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Cheese Curds, 2/20: LaFleur will work on game management decisions during practice

In addition to having someone in his ear, the Packers’ new head coach will practice his decision-making during the week while his players are working.

Green Bay Packers Introduce Matt LaFleur - Press Conference Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

When the Green Bay Packers show up for the start of their offseason program in early April, things will feel very different around Lambeau Field. The building won’t change, but the approach and energy level of the coaching staff should be very different from the methodical, seemingly monotonous vibe given off by Mike McCarthy and Joe Philbin.

In come Matt LaFleur and Nathaniel Hackett, each providing a boost of youthful energy and enthusiasm. Interestingly, Monday’s press conferences gave some insight into the relationship between the two men, forged in the pressure-cooker of the NFL Scouting Combine before they ever worked together.

However, that pressure-laden situation will be nothing compared to what LaFleur will face on the sidelines when September rolls around. Unlike one of his former bosses, however, LaFleur won’t have a specific person in his ear helping him make decisions on gamedays. Instead, he plans to try to prepare as much as possible during practice, running through scenarios during the week.

UPDATE: As it turns out, LaFleur does plan to name a specific game-management advisor, he just has not done so yet.

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Having two assistants on special teams is an unusual structure, particularly in Green Bay. However, LaFleur felt it was important to get another set of eyes on those units given their struggles in the past several years.

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Editor’s note: This article initially indicated that LaFleur would not be designating a game management assistant because none was identified in the team’s initial coaching staff announcements. During the day on Wednesday, new reports came to light that he will indeed be assigning in-game management duties to an assistant.