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Monday cheese curds: Outside zone runs a key for Packers

Matt LaFleur’s Shanahan-esque outside zone runs could power the Packers’ ground attack

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Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Matt LaFleur values the running game. That should be clear. The Green Bay Packers’ new head coach views the run as a key part of the overall offesive attack, something he can use to set Aaron Rodgers up for long-lasting success.

But what, exactly, will that look like?

The Athletic’s Ted Nguyen offers one of the more in-depth analyses we’ve had so far, and if you have a subscription, it’s worth a read. In short, Nguyen believes LaFleur and the Packers serve up a heaping portion of outside zone this year, something Mike McCarthy used somewhat inconsistently.

The Packers’ personnel and execution will obviously play a big part in whatever strategy they use. But understanding what LaFleur is bringing to the table, even in February, is a key part of making sense of the moves the Packers make this offseason.

Emphasis on outside zone run could reignite Packers’ offense | Packers News

Pete Dougherty agrees that outside zone is going to be key for the Packers, suggesting they need better personnel to really execute LaFleur’s vision. As a solution, he floats a name we’ve probably heard all too much already: Le’Veon Bell.

Picking best free-agent offers for Le’Veon Bell, and the one he should take | ESPN

The Packers almost certainly aren’t going to sign Bell, of course. But as a thought experiment, exploring what kind of contract it would take to get him to Green Bay can be useful, if only to show how silly the idea is in the first place.

Who should stay, who should go as Packers look to upgrade their roster | Packers News

Free agents coming in just as often means other free agents will be heading out. Tom Silverstein breaks down the possible cut candidates.

Dean Lowry remains consistent force on Packers’ defensive line |

In three years with the Packers, Lowry has played in all but one regular season game, proving to be a reliable contributor up front. He’s one of the reasons defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery says he has a “good feeling” about his position group this offseason.

Finally, the Academy Awards have come and gone. Are you basking in the glow of your Oscar statuette this morning? I know I am. It looks great on the mantle! Anyway, here’s how they get made.