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Cheese Curds, 2/7: Packers defenders get raises, Rodgers gets set for Pebble Beach Pro-Am

While #12 begins an annual tradition this weekend, four players earned raises for the 2019 season based on their playing time over their first three years.

PGA: AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am - Third Round Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Rodgers’ knee is apparently feeling good, a topic we discussed here at APC a few days ago. However, a typical offseason activity for Rodgers is coming up this weekend, as he trades out the cleats and jersey for short spikes and a polo shirt.

The Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament gets underway on Thursday, and Rodgers is participating in the event as usual. This year, despite his usual pairing with a Wisconsin native, he had a special request for the other part of the foursome, which apparently was granted.

Meanwhile, in on-field news, the Packers saw a few members of their defense earn big raises for the 2019 season. Late draft picks are eligible for bonuses if they play at least 35% of their team’s snaps in two of their first three seasons, or if they end up over 35% overall for all three years. This year, four Packers will get those bonuses — three of their own draft picks, who were over the number overall and for each of the last two years, and a fourth who hits the number based on playing 75% of his team’s snaps a year ago.

While that will cut into the Packers’ cap space a bit, it’s a nice feature of the CBA for these players, which gives them a raise up to the same value as the lowest Restricted Free Agent tender value. This year, that’s expected to be about $2.02 million.

Fackrell-Martinez-Lowry trio earn raises, roles in Packers' D for 2019 - ESPN
These three Packers draft picks from 2016 hit the snap targets to earn them the Proven Performance Escalator given to fourth-year players drafted in the third round or later. It also appears that linebacker Antonio Morrison hit them as well, largely because of his time in Indianapolis.

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Aaron Rodgers is grouped with Hosung Choi at Pebble Beach Pro-Am | Golf Week
Rodgers will play with Wisconsin native Jerry Kelly as usual, but they're paired up with Choi and actor Chris O'Donnell. Why did Rodgers want to play with Choi?

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