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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Packers strengthen their weaknesses with Adrian Amos

Amos does well what previous Green Bay safeties have not.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The first safety signed during this year’s NFL free agency period made a pretty penny. Landon Collins got a six-year $84 million deal from Washington with $45 million guaranteed.

While there were reports the Green Bay Packers were interested in Collins, there was no way they were going to offer him that kind of money.

Instead Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst went out and plucked Adrian Amos from the rival Chicago Bears and given what the Packers are paying him ($36 million over four years) they stand a good chance of getting the most bang for their buck versus what Washington paid Collins even if Collins is the better player.

Amos immediately becomes the best safety on the team and has earned praise for not only his intelligence but also his knack for big hits. Green Bay will take huge advantage of that given the lack of similar qualities in previous safeties over the past few years.

Any team will will take a young, smart and ascending player at a previous position of weakness and that’s exactly who the Packers got in Amos.

You can read more on what the newest Packers safety will bring to the team plus where the cornerbacks stand after losing a starter from

last season in today’s cheese curds.

Adrian Amos’ accountability, high football IQ alluring to Packers—

Amos checks all the boxes on paper for what you want in a safety. Now it’s up to him and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine to maximize his abilities.

Reassessing the Packers’ CB group after losing Bashaud Breeland—Packers Wire

Losing Bashaud Breeland hurts the depth at the position but there’s still a lot of potential at one of the youngest positions on the roster.

Packers Tailgate Tour set for April 9-13–

Our readers living in Wisconsin (we know there’s a just a few of you) can see some of their favorite Packers alumni as they hit the road across the state to meet fans. Current players won’t be available for the tour this year thanks to an earlier start to the offseason program thanks to the Packers having a new head coach.

Green Bay Packers: Defense is finally on the mend—NFL Spin Zone

We’ve been teased with the possibility of the defense finally getting it together before. Yet with Pettine now in charge instead of the much maligned Dom Capers, this seems like the most legitimate chance the defense has had to be good (and not just average) in awhile.

Cow seeks sanctuary from police at Chick-fil-A—NBC 15

This might seem like something out of a commercial but it isn’t. Chick-fil-A doesn’t sell beef so the cow is among friends.