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Friday Cheese Curds: Matt LaFleur ready for first team meeting as Packers head coach

Soon he will address the entire team for the first time. The foundation will soon be laid.

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

You only get one chance to make your first impression.

That’s the challenge Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur faces as he awaits the arrival of his players for the beginning of the offseason .

This willl be not only the first time LaFleur has addressed any of his players as their head coach, but he’s also taking over a team that had the same head coach for the past 13 years. A tidal wave of change has swept Green Bay and the players will be looking to see what the path forward exactly is?

At the center of all this will be quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The relationship between the quarterback and head coach is crucial to the ultimate success of the team and all eyes will be on Rodgers and LaFleur. They’ve had many phone conversations but that first in-person discussion during the offseason will be critical in seeing what kind of chemistry develops between the play caller and the player responsible for executing those calls.

It’s all starting to come together in Green Bay, and now it’s time to see exactly what and who the 2019 Packers will be.

You can read more on what LaFleur has in front of him plus what LaFleur is thinking regarding DeShone Kizer in today’s cheese curds.

How Packers coach Matt LaFleur can command the room during first team meeting—

LaFleur’s youth (age 39) was discussed frequently in the immediate period after his hiring and how he’d be able to command a room at an age close to some of his players including his quarterback. What he says will be the first piece in determining how his players will respond to his leadership.

Packers approached free agency with sustainability in mind—

While general manager Brian Gutekunst has drawn attention for his aggressiveness in free agency, the fact he targeted young and ascending players shows he is still thinking about the long-term as well as getting immediate help.

Green Bay Packers still believe in DeShone Kizer—247 Sports

LaFleur gave Kizer a vote of confidence at the annual league meeting and the Packers thus far not signing one of the veteran options available seem to indicate the backup job is his to lose heading into the offseason program and eventually training camp.

The NFL needs to change the helmet rule, but not the one you’re thinking about—Touchdown Wire

You’re telling me the league can’t come up with the same helmer style with a retro logo on it for most teams (Green Bay’s is the same color, just with the “G” logo removed)? Come on NFL.

Wisconsin university hosting underwater opera—UPI

You can play a cello in the water apparently. We’re now one step closer to a real life version of “Sweet Victory“ from Spongebob. And no Bears fans, mayonnaise is not an instrument.