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Thursday Cheese Curds: What if the Packers don’t draft a pass rusher?

The Packers need the draft to break their way to get an edge rusher worth taking at 12

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It’s taken as a matter of course that the Packers will take at least one edge rusher early in the 2019 NFL Draft. They should! Their pass rushers are, in a word, bad. More charitably, they just don’t have many. They should fix that!

The problem with banking on the draft to fix a specific problem is a bunch of other teams have to play along. That’s especially true when your first pick, while still high, doesn’t come until 12th overall. Even if there are multiple players who could help the Packers, there’s a chance they could still all be gone by the time Green Bay gets a chance to pick.

The Packers, therefore, need a multi-pronged approach on the edge. This shouldn’t be news, but it’s worth emphasizing, especially since for most of the past decade the Packers have relied on exactly one approach to fill any roster holes they may have. Brian Gutekunst can’t fall into that same approach. Everything so far seems to indicate he won’t, and we’ll get to see for sure in the very near future.

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Even if there are edge rushers on the board when the Packers pick at 12, they may not be of the caliber the Packers would need to justify that kind of expense. Jack Wepfer explores just that situation.

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Someone unfamiliar with the NFL Combine might wonder why it matters at all. According to this great piece by Wright Thompson, a lot of NFL insiders are also wondering the same thing.

Some unfortunate news: Alex Trebek has Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I bring this up not to make you sad, but to call attention to the class and humor with which Trebek announces the news of his almost certainly fatal diagnosis.

Classy though that may be, it’s still kind of a bummer! Here’s newly-retired John Kuhn wiping out Julius Peppers on Aaron Rodgers’ game-winning touchdown pass to Randall Cobb.