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Friday Cheese Curds: Packers must keep eyes on multiple targets during free agency, draft

One inflated contract can wreck even the most well prepared team’s plans

Green Bay Packers Introduce Matt LaFleur - Press Conference Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers corner of the internet is currently engulfed with “(general manager Brian) Gutekunst has to sign this guy or that guy” or “there’s no way they can afford to not draft this guy.”

It makes for fun discussion on social media and around the water cooler but is that what is happening inside the walls of Lambeau Field?

Well, like most things on the internet there are shades of truth to that and then there’s also some delusion.

Teams, Green Bay being no exception, have their free agent boards set and should nailing down their draft boards soon as well. They know who they’d *like* to get but know full well they’re not going to get everyone and who they’re targeting in free agency may change depending on how much money is thrown at a certain player.

In other words, one ludicrous contract doled out to a player can absolutely wreck a team’s plans, like what happened with the safety market last March. Malcolm Butler signed a super rich contract with the Tennessee Titans and suddenly the Packers had to back off on pursuing a top level safety.

In other words, Green Bay will have to keep their crosshairs moving and their plans fluid. It’s the only way to keep themselves out of a self-inflicted trap.

You can read more on the Packers need to be flexible in free agency plus John Kuhn reflects on his time in Green Bay in today’s cheese curds.

Packers’ targets in free agency, draft constantly shifting—

While it’s good to have a plan, the plan must be ready to be scrapped at any given point in the high speed world of the NFL.

Deep safety class in free agency bodes well for safety-needy Packers—Packers Wire

The aforementioned high priced safety free agents of 2018 won’t be an issue this year as the 2019 class is deep and plentiful.

John Kuhn reflects on the chant that echoed throughout Lambeau—


Source says Antonio Brown nixed potential deal with Buffalo Bills—Pittsburgh Post Gazette

If you were up late last night, you noticed that it looked like Antonio Brown was headed to Buffalo. Until he wasn’t. The Packers also apparently were and are NOT one of the teams interested per Rob Demovsky of ESPN, despite earlier reports they were.

Moose caught on camera on carport roof—UPI

Moose tracks are good in ice cream and on the roof of your mouth, not on an actual roof.