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Thursday Cheese Curds: Packers have no shakedown period under Matt LaFleur

The Packers expect to be playing in January, rookie head coach be darned.

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

When a team hires a new head coach, there’s usually an adjustment period and often times the first season is written off unless a team absolutely struggles and somehow got even worse.

There will be no such thing for the Green Bay Packers under rookie head coach Matt LaFleur.

When you have a generational quarterback, such luxuries cannot be afforded. This isn’t to say LaFleur could lose his job after one season (barring a bigger disaster than 2018, which seems almost unfathomable as long as Aaron Rodgers starts), but the expectations in Green Bay have been clears for the past 20-plus years and that is to contend for and win world championships.

Thankfully the quarterback and head coach both seem to know that. There will be no excuses now with a new offense, a reloaded defense thanks to free agency and presumably some draft picks, and a quarterback who’s healthy and not to mention plenty motivated after the events of this week.

While the Packers certainly cannot be penciled in as Super Bowl contenders at the moment, the expectations at Lambeau Field are clear: they expect to be playing in January.

Anyone care to bet against them with a huge chip once again on Rodgers’ shoulder? Be my guest.

Now onto today’s curds.

Packers know ‘there isn’t a grace period’ under new regime with title window closing—

The Packers know they will have to hit the ground running under LaFleur with Rodgers not getting any younger. Unfortunately, teams with a rookie head coach don’t exactly have a stellar record of making it to the Super Bowl in year one.

Day 2 features a Salute to Service—

The Packers Tailgate Tour rolled into Tomah where the alumni on tour stopped at the VA Medical Center to meet with veterans from the Korean War to the recent conflicts in the Middle East.

3 players the Packers should consider trading up from 30 for—Packers Wire

Could Green Bay move up from 30? It’s possible, especially if they covet someone like Iowa tight end T.J. Hockenson.

Packers’ Martinez expecting to benefit in year two of Pettine’s defense—Cheesehead TV

Blake Martinez showed up to the off-season program bulked up a bit, and though his neighbor on defense remains unclear, he’s ready to make an impact in 2019.

Falling tree erupts in ‘pollen bomb’ in Tennessee—UPI

An absolute nightmare for those of us with allergies.