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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Tim Boyle primed to challenge DeShone Kizer as backup quarterback

Could the undrafted star of the 2018 preseason unseat the former second round pick? It’s very possible.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Instead of revisiting the nightmare scenario that has occurred the past two seasons, let’s think positives

The Green Bay Packers are beating their opponent 45-3 and it’s very early in the fourth quarter. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been yanked due to the sizable lead. That means valuable game reps for backup quarterback….Tim Boyle.

*record scratch* You read that right, Packers fans. Boyle as the primary backup to Rodgers. There is a very real chance it could happen.

Barring drafting a quarterback in the later rounds, the stage is set for a battle at QB2 between Boyle and incumbent DeShone Kizer. Kizer was given the benefit of the doubt when he arrived via trade from the Cleveland Browns last season, but his awful performance in the Week 17 shutout loss at home to the Detroit Lions has reopened the debate on who the primary backup to Rodgers should be.

Boyle is an intriguing prospect. He’s raw but he has played well in the preseason. He has a strong arm and can throw a decent deep ball. Boyle might sound like the second coming of Joe Callahan, but he was much more consistent in the preseason and with new head coach and quarterback guru Matt LaFleur in command, Boyle could be a tempting prospect for the coach.

That means that fans are in for yet another preseason battle for the backup quarterback position. Except this time, the underdog might actually be the incumbent.

You can read more on Boyle’s challenge to Kizer plus get to know more about LaFleur’s interests outside of football in today’s cheese curds.

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