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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Packers welcome Cole Madison back with open arms

The former fifth round pick started his delayed NFL career after taking time to address some mental health issues

NFL: Green Bay Packers-OTA USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

It’s a script Hollywood has used on multiple occasions.

A person has a gift, then that same person falls on hard times. They then need to overcome some obstacles to reach the peak of whatever they do and they succeed, growing and maturing as they go.

It’s a script Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Cole Madison hopes to duplicate as he embarks on the start of his delayed NFL career. Madison took last season off to address some mental health concerns and according to Madison himself, “(his) life was on the line.”

The Packers supported Madison throughout the entire ordeal and now he wants to return the favor. Given the situation at guard, Madison could in theory compete for a starting spot despite the team signing Billy Turner in free agency for what in theory is a starter-type contract.

It’s an ending that, with no offense to Turner and his abilities, would be very Hollywood-like and would still be a happy ending even if Madison turned out to be a very capable backup.

Packer Nation will be rooting for Madison this season for sure.

There’s more on his surprise return to football plus how an arch nemesis nearly became a Packer instead in today’s cheese curds.

Cole Madison on absence from Packers: ‘My life was on the line’—

Mental health is a serious matter, even to professional athletes that some still view as superhuman. Football players are people too and face the same struggles as the rest of us. Here’s hoping Madison inspires others to address their own mental health concerns.

A new era begins for Packers at outside linebacker—

Clay Matthews and Nick Perry are out Za’Darius Smith and Preston Smith are in. It’s a whole new world for the Packers’ pass rush.

Packers 7-round mock draft, final 2019 edition—Packers Wire

Zach Kruse takes a final shot at predicting how Green Bay’s draft will unfold this week. After going heavy on defense the past few seasons, the offense gets some TLC this year and Packers fans should be ecstatic if the draft unfolds the way it does in this mock draft.

Adam Thielen, the Green Bay Packer? It almost happened in the 2013 NFL draft—Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Green Bay was interested in Adam Thielen but drafted Kevin Dorsey and Charles Johnson instead. Oops.

Florida man, 80, fights alligator in his back yard—UPI

In this week’s adventures of Florida Man, don’t let age keep you away from defending your home from reptilian invaders at all costs.