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The APC Podcast 4/25: Gut reactions to the Packers’ two first-round 2019 NFL Draft picks

Checking Tex Western’s pulse after a curious first round for the Packers in the NFL Draft

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The first round of the NFL Draft is in the books and I don’t know about you, but we’re having trouble sleeping over here at APC HQ. So much so that we decided to fire up the podcast machine and fire off some midnight takes.

In this short mini episode, we break down the Packers’ curious first-round performance, where they made an arguably head-scratching pick at 12 before trading with the Seattle Seahawks to move up to 21. We also ask Tex for his super scientific letter grade for each pick.

Click here to listen to the episode on Megaphone.

How would you grade the selection of Rashan Gary? What about Darnell Savage, Jr.?

Comment below and let us know!

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