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Monday Cheese Curds: Darnell Savage holds the key to the Packers’ 2019 draft class

It was an aggressive move to move up nine picks to take the Maryland safety. How he performs ultimately could determine how good this draft class is.

Maryland v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

While there are numerous articles all over the internet right out dishing out letter grades for each team’s performance in the 2019 NFL Draft, the truth of the matter is we won’t know the actual results for a couple years.

That being said, we can prognosticate on moves teams made that raised some eyebrows and the Green Bay Packers were indeed one of them.

Many will think that move might be the selection of Rashan Gary at 12th overall, but perhaps an ever bigger question mark would be the team trading up from 30th to 21st overall to select Darnell Savage, a safety from Maryland.

While Savage is a fine athlete, may had him projected as a second day draft pick. Gary had his injury concerns but he flashed enough skill to warrant at least some to grade him a first round pick.

So at this very early stage, history ultimately could look back at the Savage pick and then render its verdict on the 2019 Packers draft class.

Savage should have no trouble elevating the play of his position on the roster given their pathetic performance at safety in 2019, but ultimately it will be his selection that could likely determine how good or bad the 2019 draft was for Green Bay.

No pressure, kid. Now onto today’s curds.

Speedy Darnell Savage key to success of Packers’ draft—

Savage has the tools and the talent. It’s up to defensive coordinator Mike Pettine and staff to maximize it all.

Packers’ defense has changed the most—

The draft once again leaned heavily towards the defense and while it might sound harsh to say the excuses are gone for Pettine, they kind of are. There has been an influx of athleticism the last two seasons and now it’s time to do something with it.

Packers produce third-most athletic class in 2019 draft—Packers Wire

There is obviously more to playing football than being athletic but you can’t say that Brian Gutekunst didn’t draft some gifted athletes in his two drafts at the helm.

South Alabama’s Jamarius Way invited to Green Bay Packers’ rookie minicamp—

Green Bay did not draft a wide receiver, which was a surprise to some. They instead are going the undrafted free agent route and Jamarius Way is one that will be trying out.

Barista makes 420 cappuccinos in one hour for Guinness World Record—UPI

420 cappuccinos would leave one with quite the caffeine high. (*rimshot*)