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Friday Cheese Curds: Good Luck, Matt LaFleur

Controlling Aaron Rodgers’ ego while also utilizing his skills with be a tough balancing act for the rookie head coach.

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When Mike McCarthy was fired as head coach h of the Green Bay Packers last December, fans knew things had gotten bad between the coach and star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Now we allegedly know exactly how bad and it’s not a good look for anyone.

Massages during meetings. Grudges held since 2005. Indifference. Open rebellion. It was a soap opera Packers fans haven’t endured in over a decade since the waffling of Brett Favre during the final years of his career.

Thankfully the Packers now stand at the threshold of a new beginning with only Rodgers remaining from the triumvirate that previously brought Green Bay so much on field success.

Replacing McCarthy and Ted Thompson are Matt LaFleur and Brian Gutekunst, respectively. LaFleur just joined the team in January while Gutekunst, in his second season has general manager, has been with the team for several years. This means at least the GM knows how his quarterback really ticks.

That brings us to LaFleur. He’s the giant unknown for multiple reasons, none he really can control. He’s a first time head coach. He’s young (four years Rodgers’ senior) and no one really knows how he’ll handle one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game.

So that leads us to what he should be to Rodgers. Judging by LaFleur’s resume since that’s all we really have for now, he can challenge Rodgers intellectually which might be the best way to earn his respect. LaFleur is held in high regards for his football IQ (something McCarthy lacked according to some). Where LaFleur is inexperienced is handling egos in the locker room and that’s ultimately what could determine his success with Rodgers.

Until the season actually gets underway, speculation is all we have to go on but LaFleur is now in an unenviable position and might actually be the biggest loser in all this. He had to have known a lot of this before taking the job but now with the public more aware of the inner workings at 1265 Lombardi, the pressures is now much higher.

How he responds will determine the fate of the Packers for the next several years.

You can read more on the tumultuous ending to the McCarthy era plus how the Packers can benefit from the end of the AAF in today’s cheese curds.

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