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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Enough with the drama. Matt LaFleur has a job to do

Recent issues aside, the rookie head coach revealed part of how to fix Aaron Rodgers on the field.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The amount of drama surrounding the Green Bay Packers has reached a point the team hasn’t seen since 2008.

With Tyler Dunne’s bombshell article still being talked about by fans and players alike, with Aaron Rodgers being the latest to weigh in, it’s made for quite the distraction just as the Packers’ offseason program gets underway.

For rookie head coach Matt LaFleur, the job doesn’t change at all. In fact, it only reinforces what his top priority is: getting Rodgers to be Rodgers again.

The best way to end any lingering tensions regarding the article is to get results on the field and for Green Bay, that means making Rodgers great again.

In the midst of all this, LaFleur mentioned he watched every Rodgers snap going back to 2010. The coach mentioned his favorite play was one not many may think of: a pad thrown during a 9-0 win over the New York Jets.

Rodgers faced a free blitz from linebacker Bart Scott but instead of scrambling, Rodgers hung in the pocket. He got the ball out quickly, completed the pass and took a hit.

Obviously LaFleur doesn’t want Rodgers to take a lot of hits, but the fact LaFleur is keen on keeping the quarterback in the pocket and delivering the ball quickly should be music to any fan’s ears that is sick of the happy feet routine from Rodgers which causes him to hold the ball for far too long.

Of course much of what makes Rodgers special is his ability to improvise and that surely will continue to be a part of his game. As he gets older however and his athleticism wanes (Father Time is undefeated after all), he’s going to have to learn to be more of a pocket passer. That’s LaFleur’s goal.

Whether or not that works remains to be seen, but with the offseason program under way the process should at least have begun.

There’s more on what LaFleur faces with Rodgers plus Cole Madison’s return is perfect timing for the Packers in today’s cheese curds.

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Keeping Rodgers in the pocket also means beefing up the pass protection, something general manager Brian Gutekunst may be looking to do in the draft after signing Billy Turner.

Cole Madison’s return gives Packers much-needed depth along OL—Packers Wire

After missing his rookie season for personal reasons, Cole Madison will likely be competing for a roster spot instead of a starting job thanks to the signing of Turner. Still, the depth is needed as seen by the issues at guard last season.

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The 2019 season kicked off in earnest as players gathered for the first time and then began the conditioning program.

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