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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Packers have options in handling Josh Jones

The ideal situation is Jones eventually shows up, but what if he doesn’t?

Arizona Cardinals v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

It wouldn’t be another week in offseason without some kind of drama surrounding the Green Bay Packers.

This time the ruckus is about hybrid safety Josh Jones. The third-year player decided not to show up for organized team activities (OTAs) this week in an effort to force a trade. The issue at hand seems to be Jones’ frustration with lack of playing time which only will get worse this season with Green Bay acquiring Adrian Amos and drafting Darnell Savage.

So what will general manager Brian Gutekunst do? Well, there are a few options.

Gutekunst could give in and trade Jones, but given he was a second round pick just two years ago the odds of Green Bay getting anything more than a sixth or a seventh round pick is slim to none.

The Packers could also straight out release Jones but given their lack of depth at inside linebacker where Jones spent considerable time last season, this would be an example of a team shooting themselves in the foot willingly. Not good football business.

The final option is Gutekunst stands pat and Jones goes nowhere despite his protests. This could cause some issues in the locker room and Jones would forfeit a year’s salary if he just simply didn’t show up.

It’s too early to tell how this will all end, but the guess here is Jones eventually shows up and tries to earn his roster spot. If not, Gutekunst might have to cut his losses and trade a player from Ted Thompson’s final draft class.

There’s more on Jones plus an update on CBA negotiations in today’s cheese curds.

Frustration over lack of playing time boils over for Packers safety Josh Jones—

This problem could continue to fester until training camp, but given the Packers preferring to keep locker room harmony Jones’ issue could be resolved sooner than later.

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Pushing Aaron Rodgers intellectually is one way Matt LaFleur can earn his quarterback’s respect and all indications from Rodgers indicate he is doing just that.

New Packers OLB Za’Darius Smith accomplished pass-rushing triple-double in 2018—Packers Wire

There isn’t a triple crown like baseball in the NFL, but what Za’Darius Smith did in 2018 is what earned him his payday from the Packers. Now he has to go out and do it again.

CBA talks are described as positive and optimistic—

Deadlines spur action and there is still next season left under the current collective bargaining agreement, but there seems to be hope another lockout like in 2011 can be avoided. However, given the current tensions between players and the owners, don’t be surprised if there’s another work stoppage in 2021.

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