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Cheese Curds, 5/23: Aaron Rodgers is excited about Packers’ scheme & OL, less so about GOT ending

Rodgers spoke about a number of different topics this week.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-Training Camp USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin-USA

An Aaron Rodgers who is bought into his offense, who makes plays within the structure of the scheme, can be the most dangerous player in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers’ quarterback won two MVP awards that way before his relationship with former head coach Mike McCarthy and, more importantly, his belief in the offense seemed to sour.

This week, however, we got our first look at Rodgers since he has been able to start putting some of head coach Matt LaFleur’s new playbook to work on the practice field. What we’re seeing is an excited player who sounds legitimately excited about the possibilities in the new scheme, as well as about some of the new additions on the roster.

We did touch on a few of Rodgers’ comments in Wednesday’s curds, but it’s worth examining them more closely today. Let’s look through some of the topics he discussed this week, from the scheme to Billy Turner’s arrival to the drama around the recent Game of Thrones finale.

Beyond that, there are some bits of notable news coming out of the NFL’s spring meeting. The NFL Drafts in 2021 and 2023 are now assigned, but the league has also made some more determinations about future Scouting Combines and rules changes.

Learning new offense 'a work in progress' for Rodgers |
The goal for Rodgers is to get fully comfortable with Matt LaFleur's system by the end of minicamp so he can return for the start of training camp and not have to think about the calls or the terminology.

Aaron Rodgers excited about new Packers RG Billy Turner | Packers Wire
Another item Rodgers is happy about is the new addition on the line, as Turner has slotted in right away at the starting right guard spot. Expect that to be his position this fall, barring anything unexpected between now and then.

Aaron Rodgers not thrilled with 'Game of Thrones' finale or mis-ID's in cameo - Green Bay Packers Blog- ESPN
On a lighter note, Rodgers joked that he's annoyed that people thought that he was the guy who got burned because "if you watch that person run, they're a total non-athlete." He also has some pretty strong thoughts on the ending of the series, which he has been invested in from the beginning.

Darnell Savage making good first impression on Packers’ secondary |
Tramon Williams complimented Savage's intelligence, suggesting that he'll have no trouble picking up on the intricacies of the Packers' defense. In fact, the veteran further says that Savage is well ahead of where other rookies tend to be at this stage.

Why I’m glad the NFL didn’t change its ‘unfair’ overtime system -
There will be no changes to overtime for this year at least, and one former NFL player, Geoff Schwartz, says that's a good thing.

NFL Scouting Combine events shifted to prime time -
One of these things is good news, both for the event and for those who cover it (like yours truly). Indianapolis is really the perfect setup for the players, teams, and media. However, moving drills to the evening will surely irritate scouts, coaches, and media members alike.

18-year veteran of Ashland Police Department retires after allegedly stealing vehicle - KBJR 6
Here's the latest weird story to come out of northern Wisconsin.