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Cheese Curds, 5/28: Packers’ QBs past and present come into focus

While Matt LaFleur spends most of his time with Aaron Rodgers and company, we must remember a legend for his on- and off-the-field greatness.

27th Annual NFL-Sanctioned Super Bowl Breakfast Photo by Joe Kohen/Getty Images

It’s a good thing that the Green Bay Packers were able to bring the team’s legendary quarterbacks together for a moment a few years ago. When Bart Starr, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers all joined together briefly in 2015, it was a moment for the ages.

Now Starr has gone, leaving a wake of positivity and remarkable stories behind him. It seems that everyone who met him has something memorable to say about how he remembered their names years later, that he insisted on being addressed simply as “Bart,” or simply how he treated every person like they were special. That, more than any of his amazing accomplishments on the field, will be his lasting legacy.

But while the Packers as an organization mourn the loss of a legend, the 2019 team must continue on, as the second week of OTAs begins on Tuesday. One of the notable happenings from the first open practice was seeing just how much time head coach Matt LaFleur is spending with his quarterbacks, a practice that will likely continue on Wednesday when the team has another open practice.

But before we get into that, let’s get one more exceptional look at Starr’s life.

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This is one of the finest profiles of Starr you will read. Ian O'Connor does him justice, presenting some of the wonderful memories of his generosity with a difficult but telling description of the struggles he fought in his final years.

Matt LaFleur’s hands-on approach clicking with quarterbacks |
Having a head coach work so intimately with one position group, as LaFleur has been doing with the QBs, is unusual. But given the new terminology that the signal-callers are learning — as well as LaFleur’s own experience playing the position — it makes some sense. The question is whether he will be able to maintain that level of attention for the position when training camp and the regular season arrive.

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Ranking wide receivers on the roster or giving them traditional labels may be a thing of the past -- what Matt LaFleur says he's looking for is what each player does well so he can put each player in a position to succeed.

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