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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Bart Starr personified excellence on and off the field

The tributes keep pouring in for the former Packers quarterback and he deserves every single one of them

Super Bowl XL Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The tributes to Bart Starr have been numerous since the legendary quarterback’s passing on Sunday and one thing has become clear from reading through many of them.

Even considering his legendary performance on the football field, Starr’s greatest impact was away from the game.

It sounds cliche when someone says “they’re the first person I ever knew that not a single person had something bad to say about” but it really was the case with Starr. It didn’t matter if you were the head coach or a stadium worker cleaning toilets or an unpaid 20-year-old intern. Each person Starr met became the most important person in the world to him in that moment and he impacted countless lives even in brief encounters.

Starr made an even bigger impact through his charitable endeavors. Starr spoke often at community events without charging a fee, a rarity for athletes nowadays, and he and his wife Cherry co-founded Rawhide Boys Ranch to help at-risk youth by providing counseling, therapy and alternate housing for those in the juvenile justice system.

If Starr heard all the tributes to him this past week, he’d probably deflect it all to either his teammates or others. That’s just who he was.

May we all strive to carry on his legacy by living our lives in his example.

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