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Cheese Curds, 6/11: Remembering Mitchell Henry, starting minicamp, & finding Winnipeg tickets

With no details yet about minicamp practices being open to the public, Packers fans will likely be closed off from the team until training camp begins.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-OTA Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers open up minicamp on Tuesday, and unlike when Mike McCarthy was running the show, we do not have any information about whether this year’s practices will be open to the public. Under McCarthy, the Packers typically had one open practice each week of OTAs before making all three minicamp practices available to fans; this year, there are no details as yet of any of this week’s practices taking place outside.

So as we at APC hope to hear some news out of the Packers’ facility this week, we will turn our attention to the news outside of it for the time being. One notable item relates to the Packers’ recently-announced preseason game in Canada — tickets appear to be hard to come by now that the initial allotment went on sale.

Meanwhile, Monday saw the publication of a beautiful look back at a former Packer, tight end Mitchell Henry, who passed away from cancer about two years ago. Henry was a favorite of his teammates during his brief stint in Green Bay, and his impact can still be felt around the team.

As we await news from camp, let’s take a look around for news from Monday.

Packers-Raiders tickets for Winnipeg no deal for Packers fans | Green Bay Press-Gazette
If you were hoping to go to Winnipeg and didn't grab tickets right away, you might be out of luck -- prices are very high for a preseason game on the secondary market right now.

‘He’s always going to be with me’ |
Two years after his death, Mitchell Henry continues to inspire those who knew him best. Find a way to take a few minutes today to read this exceptional profile of Henry by Wes Hodkiewicz.

Bears believe Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is a better player than Adrian Amos | Packers Wire
This sure strikes of sour grapes, regardless of what this Bears scout says.

Who’s the best player from the 2016 NFL Draft class so far? -
You can certainly argue that Kenny Clark isn't one of the top 10 players from that class to this point, but to omit him entirely from the discussion? That's borderline criminal.

Who can trigger a review on pass interference? Why NFL coaches are worried | ESPN
I'll say it again -- going to a college football-style replay system (where the booth can call for a review of any highly questionable call -- is the way to go. Making challenges dependent on a team's timeout situation is awful.

NFL teams ranked by their franchise QBs: Cowboys, 49ers on top -
The Packers sneak into third place here behind those two teams.

Florida man with cocaine powder on his nose told deputies it didn't belong to him, they say | FOX 13 Tampa Bay
Shockingly, the man had cocaine in his backpack, along with some other drugs. I'm guessing that excuse got even less convincing once the cops found that.