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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Josh Jones reports for Packers’ minicamp. Now what?

The third year safety reportedly wants a trade. Can he get one or will he get cut?

Arizona Cardinals v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Josh Jones reported for the Green Bay Packers’ mandatory minicamp despite rumors swirling he wants out and has requested a trade.

His words upon meeting the media? “I’m here. Which means I’m a Green Bay Packer.”

Not exactly a confidence booster in terms of where he really wants to be.

Jones could have chosen not to report but since the camp is mandatory, he would have faced a heavy fine from the team as well as having done some self-inflicted damage to his reputation. That would even further lowered the odds he would be traded.

Jones was also unable to practice due to a hamstring injury, thickening the plot of his tumultuous offseason. He very well may be injured, but optics here definitely raise an eyebrow.

As for the Packers, general manager Brian Gutekunst has not exactly denied he’s open to trading the third year safety. He did add two safeties via free agency and the draft which further threatens to bury Jones on the depth chart and push him closer to the roster bubble.

If the Packers can’t get a good pick in a trade (5th or maybe a 6th rounder), the guess here is Jones gets cut. Skipping OTAs at the start of his third year plus his comments to the media yesterday doesn’t exactly build goodwill in or outside Green Bay.

There’s more on the Jones situation plus Aaron Rodgers gives back to his alma mater in a big way in today’s cheese curds.

With trade door open, Josh Jones’ future with Packers remains murky—

Gutekunst will try to trade him if at all possible, but there’s no way the former second round pick nets the Packers anything higher than a fifth rounder. Does that mean Jones gets cut in camp? Stay tuned.

Packers rookie CB Ka’dar Hollman impressing early with press coverage—Packers Wire

The next Sam Shields? Okay maybe that’s a little too much pressure for the kid, but Ka’dar Hollman is turning heads which bodes well for his roster chances come August.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers makes substantial gift to Cal athletics—

The Aaron Rodgers Scholarship will go to a transfer from a junior college, the same path Rodgers took to Berkeley. The locker room will also be named in Rodgers’ honor.

Aaron Rodgers still wants to make the ‘no-no-no, good-play’ throws—ESPN

That might cause some indigestion among some Packers fans, but his improvising is what makes Rodgers so good. Balancing that along with remaining in the structure of the offense will be key for the quarterback.

Band plays song from Titanic as shopping mall floods—WBNS

My heart will go on sale. The comedic timing was perfect.