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Cheese Curds, 6/18: Concerns over Rodgers’ freedom to audible seem overblown

Is LaFleur going to limit Rodgers’ ability to make changes at the line? While he would rather not see it necessary, he knows not to take a great tool away from his star quarterback.

Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

With the offseason workouts in the past and a six-week break ahead before the start of training camp, NFL writers are looking for storylines and angles to give them some insight into how the 2019 season will shape up. One such newsworthy item revolves around the relationship between Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur, as the two men most responsible for bringing the Green Bay Packers back to greatness.

Monday’s Cheese Curds discussed a breakdown of their working relationship, but today’s looks at a specific facet of the scheme that has become a concern in some circles lately: Rodgers’ ability to change the play at the line of scrimmage. LaFleur’s scheme tries to minimize the need to make those changes — it’s designed to take the pressure off the quarterback.

However, LaFleur is a smart guy, and he knows that he needs to tailor his scheme to his players’ strengths. One way he can do that is by allowing Rodgers — one of the most intelligent players in the NFL — to have at least some freedom to react to what he sees on the field. Finding that balance will be important, and both men will likely need to relinquish a little bit of the control that they are used to, but a professional approach and a bit of compromise on both sides can get these two exactly where they need to be.

Aaron Rodgers, Matt LaFleur navigating new Packers partnership -
Discussion about how much freedom Rodgers has to make changes at the line will probably rage on well into the regular season. Aaron was able to switch into any play in the playbook under Mike McCarthy, but LaFleur admits that his offense is not set up to allow for that.

Adding context to audible issue between Aaron Rodgers, Matt LaFleur | Packers Wire
However, here's the counterpoint: LaFleur implied that he recognizes Rodgers' greatness and intelligence. He wants to remove the need for Rodgers to check into different plays at the line, but this comment is telling: "But certainly, if there's a play that's not gonna be good, yeah, please save us. That'd be great."

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