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Thursday Cheese Curds: Is Aaron Jones primed for a breakout year?

The running back could vault into the league’s elite under new coach Matt LaFleur

Atlanta Falcons v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Along with a revived Aaron Rodgers, the other thing a lot of Green Bay Packers fans are hoping for from new head coach Matt LaFleur is a consistent (and consistently good) running game.

The underutilization of running back Aaron Jones last season was one of the biggest crimes committed by former coach Mike McCarthy until he was fired in December and even under interim head coach Joe Philbin there was not much of a commitment to the rushing attack.

That all changes under LaFleur. He made it clear immediately after he was hired that he intended to “marry the run with the pass” to make life as easy as possible for Rodgers. This means Jones will finally get his opportunity.

Can he take advantage of it? Jones is slightly smaller than the backs that have found success in the LaFleur/Sean McVay/Kyle Shanahan offense, but the good news is he cut out junk food this offseason and showed up in great shape, reducing his body fat.

Jamaal Williams and rookie Dexter Williams provide depth and some intrigue as their styles vary much differently from Jones, but all eyes will be on the this year running back come September 5 to see if he can be an every down back.

There’s more on Jones plus a former player gets nominated to join the Packers board in today’s cheese curds.

MJD ranks Packers’ Aaron Jones as NFL’s 13th best RB entering 2019–Packers Wire

Maurice Jones-Drew knows running backs and he thinks LaFleur’s system and zone blocking scheme could propel Jones into the top ten of running backs by the end of this season.

Rookie corner Ka’Dar Hollman’s initiative, intensity making an impression on Packers—

Ka’Dar Hollman is quite a story and with the heads he turned during the offseason program, does anyone really want to bet against him?

2019 Fantasy Football Team Previews: Post-McCarthy Packers looking for balance—CBS Sports

It’s never too early to start prep work for your fantasy team. Could the Packers see a bounce back after a lost 2018 season? It’s very possible though I’m not sure labeling Davante Adams as a potential bust is smart. Playmakers will make plays, even with a renewed focus on running the ball.

Packers to present Koonce, Torkelson for election to board—

Before John KUUUUUUHN there was George KOOOOONCE and now he has the opportunity to serve on the team’s executive committee.

Huge goldfish caught in New York state’s Niagara River—UPI

Well, at least it didn’t have three eyes like Blinky from The Simpsons.