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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Danny Vitale leads Packers’ revitalized fullback position

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Matt LaFleur’s offense requires more than an occasional fullback dive.

NFL: Cleveland Browns-Training Camp Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The role of the fullback has gone through multiple evolutions the past decade or so in the NFL with many teams choosing either to not even carry one or change it to more of an H-back role.

Under Mike McCarthy, the Green Bay Packers still utilized a fullback in the traditional sense: as a blocker in the backfield or as a ball carrier in short-yardage situations.

With McCarthy now out and Matt LaFleur in, what does that mean for the future of the fullback in the Green Bay offense?

According to the history of the offense LaFleur is installing, they’re going to keep one and they’re going to maximize the position which is good news for Danny Vitale.

He won’t be counted on just for blocking and short runs, but also to catch passes out of the backfield as well as contribute on special teams. That’s good news for Vitale on the latter part because he was in Cleveland with Packers special teams coordinator Sean Mennenga.

Vitale bulked up in the weight room during the offseason in anticipation of an increased workload and he’s shown he can be a multi-dimensional player when he was at Northwestern and turned enough heads that the Browns drafted him in the sixth round in 2016.

If you’re looking for a dark horse in the new Packers’ offense, keep an eye on Vitale. The numbers might not stand out but his tape just might.

Danny Vitale looks to show he’s more than just a fullback—

Utilizing a fullback for more than a foolish dive on third and short might seem new to Packers fans but LaFleur’s offense places importance on the fullback.

Pressure mounting on Vikings’ Mike Zimmer to produce in the postseason—

With McCarthy gone, Mike Zimmer is now the elder statesman of coaches in the NFC North. However after a disappointing 2018 where the Vikings missed the playoffs when they were expected to be a Super Bowl contender, could Zimmer’s sear be beating up a bit?

Raven Greene looks like a top player to watch at Packers training camp—Packers Wire

We’ve spoken about Greene before as well, but the fact his name keeps coming up shows he means business when it comes to not just making the roster, but being a big contributor as well.

Rookie LB Ty Summers ‘ready to work’ to prove he belongs on Green Bay Packers roster—FOX6

Being a seventh round draft pick means you’re on the roster bubble almost immediately so Ty Summers is looking to gain an edge wherever he can. The high school quarterback turned linebacker wants to do a Lambeau Leap sooner than later.

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Don’t throw away that piece of paper. Maybe they actually do really work.