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Thursday Cheese Curds: Aaron Rodgers survived his most turbulent offseason

The MVP quarterback seems refreshed and recharged with training camp approaching

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

It’s been a wild offseason for Aaron Rodgers.

He’s taken shots publicly from former teammates and anonymous sources. He’s had to learn a new offense for the first time in 13 years and many wondered how willing he’d be in doing so. He, ahem, “chugged” beer at a Milwaukee Bucks playoff game and saw that skill surpassed by other NFL quarterbacks.

Now, as the calendar creeps towards July and the start of training camp, Rodgers can get back to what he does best: throwing passes as the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. All eyes are now fully fixed on him to deliver results now that he has both a new general manager and a new head coach. The excuses are gone for Rodgers. Now it’s time to deliver.

Thankfully by reading between the lines, it seems Rodgers is ready to just do that. The quarterback’s excitement about what new coach Matt LaFleur’s offense is capable of was palpable in Rodgers’ meetings with the media during OTAs and mini-camp.

Being the “body language police” is always a little foolish, but Rodgers genuinely seems refreshed with the new offense even if he fully doesn’t have a grasp on it yet and given how much his abilities have been questioned this spring, Rodgers now likely has a giant chip on his shoulder again.

That’s bad news for the rest of the NFL.

There’s more on what Rodgers has been up to and what he sees from the new offense in today’s cheese curds.

Aaron Rodgers sees new offense fitting Jimmy Graham—

Jimmy Graham’s performance last season was on the of the biggest disappointments of a lost season for the Packers. Some attributed that to former coach Mike McCarthy not knowing how to utilize Graham’s skills and now Rodgers thinks Graham can excel in LaFleur’s offense.

200 targets for Davante Adams? That might be Aaron Rodgers’ dream—ESPN

Davante Adams is good enough that he warrants 200 targets but LaFleur’s offense, based off the Kyle Shanahan/Sean McVay system, hasn’t really allowed a receiver to be thrown the ball that much as our Jason B. Hirschhorn notes. This likely is just Rodgers speaking in hyperbole.

Aaron Rodgers co-founds $50 million venture capital fund—

Rodgers has always had one eye turned towards life after football, and this investment allows athletes to have more input on opportunities that they actually have a true stake in the outcome of rather than receiving a check with no strings attached.

Return of NASCAR: Packers planning ways to get 4 OLBs on the field together—Packers Wire

The Packers actually have enough pass rushers to put four on the field at the same time. This could be potentially disruptive to high flying offenses and should be music to fans’ ears.

High-flying ladybug swarm shows up on National Weather Service radar—Los Angeles Times

Wisconsinites are used to seeing lake fly hatchings on radar. This is the same thing, just cuter and much less disgusting.