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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Is it easy to sack Aaron Rodgers?

One bad habit makes it easier for defensive linemen even when it drives defensive backs nuts

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NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s common knowledge in NFL circles that if you blitz Aaron Rodgers, you do so at your own risk of getting burned.

Despite that thought process, some believe it’s actually easy to sack the Green Bay Packers quarterback. It sounds a little crazy given how Rodgers’ improvisational skills can drive a defense crazy but there’s at least some truth to it and it’s one of the biggest things Matt LaFleur will have to correct when coaching his quarterback.

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Carl Lawson told the Cincinnati Enquirer that Rodgers is easy to bring down because “he sits there, and he pats the ball.” This should sound very familiar to anyone who has watched extensive film on Rodgers: he often holds onto the ball way too long, often looking for the big play instead of taking what the defense is giving him.

That’s job one when it comes to LaFleur fixing and fine tuning Rodgers’ game. The new offense is built around getting players open fast versus waiting for receivers to open in Mike McCarthy’s iso-route based passing game.

Getting the ball out quickly is something Rodgers must do to get back to MVP form. You don’t want to take away the playmaker and both Rodgers and LaFleur have acknowledged this, but the quarterback has to learn to take what the defense gives him. This offense is designed to make Rodgers’ life easier.

He just needs to trust it to let that happen and that will come as his comfort level grows.

Now onto today’s curds.

Bengals’ Carl Lawson: Packers’ Aaron Rodgers easier to sack than most quarterbacks—

Lawson’s Bengals ended up losing that game in a classic Rodgers comeback, but that doesn’t dismiss the truth he spoke: Rodgers holds onto the ball too long. We should learn pretty quickly how much progress LaFleur has made in correcting this bad habit.

Oren Burks eyeing bigger role on Packers’ defense in second season—

Oren Burks has all the physical tools to succeed as an NFL linebacker, so this offseason he focused on his eyes and his brain to take the second year performance leap. I wouldn’t bet against him.

Packers impressed by consistency from new S Adrian Amos—packers Wire

“Consistency” and “Packers safety” have not been uttered in the same sentence except when talking about some consistently bad play over the past few years. Adrian Amos seems to be helping turn that identity around.

Nydair Rouse prepares for Green Bay Packers training camp—Philadelphia Tribune

Training camp might be the only shot some undrafted free agents like Nydair Rouse have of making an NFL roster especially if they come from a small school like Rouse did. This is also when some great unknown stories begin to be written and maybe the rookie defensive back can be one of them.

Golf Cat Absolutely Will NOT Let You Play Through So Don’t Even Think About It—Huffington Post

This cat likes to gobble up birdies of a different kind. He’s not quite on par with Grumpy Cat though he has an eagle eye for golf balls.