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Cheese Curds, 7/19: Packers’ third jersey date announced, Rodgers discusses defense

Gold package fans will get to see the alternates this year.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, Green Bay Packers fans! Not only is it Friday, but it’s the last Friday without football until February, as the Packers begin training camp next Thursday.

As we eagerly await the start of practices, we have a few notable news items to break down this morning. First up is the scheduling of the Packers’ throwback jersey game, which will take place early in the season once again. Last year they wore the blue and gold threads in week four against the Buffalo Bills, and this year they’ll do so against an AFC opponent once again.

We also have Aaron Rodgers opening up in a lengthy interview, discussing all sorts of topics with a fellow quarterback. But what Rodgers seems most optimistic about is the improvements to the defense — he seems hopeful and expectant that that side of the football will be much better in 2019 than in the past few years.

Packers to wear third jersey vs. Broncos in 2019 |
Gold Package fans, get ready for the alternate uniform in your first game of the year. This contest will come in week three, but that's the second home game of the season after week two's matchup with Minnesota.

In Aaron Rodgers news, the Packers’ quarterback discussed a variety of topics over the weekend with former NFL quarterback Chris Simms as the two hit the links. Check out the complete video here if you have 17 minutes to kill.

Aaron Rodgers on Packers new-look defense: ‘There’s just a different feel’ | Packers Wire
Here’s a recap of some of Rodgers’ comments on the defense in the above video. He’s clearly excited about the personnel additions as well as Mike Pettine being in his second year.

NFL’s best pass-rusher? Trash-talker? Nastiest? O-linemen weigh in - ESPN
Interesting -- Mike Daniels gets mentioned as the league’s biggest trash-talker among defensive linemen.

2019 Chicago Bears will take step back on defense |
Aw man, it's tough agreeing with an Andy Benoit take, but here we are.

Nebraska woman claims Spider-Man sculpture is ‘a hate crime against the church’ |
The sculpture of Spidey's hands apparently made one concerned resident think that it's just making devil horns. Evidently she doesn't read comic books or watch Marvel movies...actually, on second thought, that fully checks out.