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Cheese Curds, 7/2: Jeff Janis is in the tire business; what is Jaire Alexander’s ceiling in 2019?

One former Packer reconnected with an old teammate this week while a budding star could go full supernova this fall.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the slowest week of the year in the NFL. Players have been off for a few weeks since the conclusion of minicamps, and they still have a few weeks to go before training camp begins. With July Fourth coming up, there will likely be some news about legal troubles for a few players, but hopefully the Green Bay Packers’ players stay out of any problematic situations.

Thankfully, today’s story of former Packers being in the news for non-football-related items is a fun one. A former Packers receiver took a long drive to help out an old teammate, showing up on his doorstep after a long haul to hook him up with some of the wares that the younger player is selling now that his football career is wrapped up.

Of course, there’s still real football analysis going on despite no football happening. One such breakdown this week looks at a second-year Packer who is on the precipice of a huge breakout season after a great rookie campaign. What sorts of heights can Jaire Alexander reach this year? If he stays healthy, a Pro Bowl nod should be attainable; is an appearance on an All-Pro team out of the question? He doesn’t think so.

Why Packers CB Jaire Alexander is primed for a Pro Bowl season | Packers Wire
Did you know that Alexander had the top mark among all NFL cornerbacks last year in contested targets, according to Pro Football Focus? That's a fantastic measure of his ball awareness and ball skills, and primes him for a breakout sophomore campaign.

Former Packers Jordy Nelson, Jeff Janis reconnect in spare time over tires | Green Bay Press-Gazette
Janis delivered a set of four brand new tires to Nelson in Kansas, making the 14-hour drive from Michigan to do so. In other news, Jeff Janis is fully retired from football and owns a tire store. Fun!

Backfield will have major part to play in Packers’ passing game |
Inject the Aaron Jones wheel route into my veins, please.

NFL's most indispensable offensive players for the 2019 season -
That headline should read "non-QB offensive players." However, given how much grief the Packers' young receiving corps has taken from national media this year, I fully expected to see Davante Adams on the list.

LeBron James’ alternate history as a football player, imagined by experts -
LeBron would have been a better tight end than Jimmy Graham. Honestly, if he had focused on football from day one, he probably would have been Gronk before Gronk really existed.

Man Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity in Alleged Alexandria 'Werewolf' Killing - NBC4 Washington
The man's attorneys argued that he thought a shop manager was a werewolf. Being found naked in his car close to the scene probably didn't hurt the insanity case, either.

Finally, let’s all wish the best for Oren Burks as he and his fiancee finish planning their wedding, which is coming up soon. Hopefully that $800,000 signing bonus he received after being drafted in the third round last year helps out.