Packer Front Office either Lying or Incompetent

Packers front office stated that they tried to trade Daniels but could not pull the trigger so they released him to avoid paying the last year of his contract for $8 million dollars. I was skeptical of their rational, and predicted that a North Division rival would sign Daniels. So what was the rush to get rid of Daniels?

Now we find out that the Lions are paying Daniels over $9million on a one year deal. Lions are going to pay more then the Packers were committed to paying. So if he becomes a free agent after this year the Lions get a draft pick. What did the Packers get....nothing but egg on their face.

Packers were unwilling to keep a guy their rival is going to pay more to, and they were unable to make a trade where they could even get a 7th round pick. Packer fans used to say in Ted we Trust.....well our front office is not trustworthy. They signed a stiff in Jimmy Graham that no one wanted, and the Seahawks let go without shedding a tear. So after the Packers make the inevitable cut of Graham...before this time next year, they will claim they tried to trade him?

It does not speak well for any organization when they show both incompetence and an unwillingness to tell the truth all at the same time.

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