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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Montravius Adams goes from the doghouse to the penthouse

The third-year player showed enough this offseason to ease the pain of releasing Mike Daniels

NFL: Green Bay Packers OTA Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY Sports

Not only is it the dawning of the age of Za’Darius (Smith) for the Green Bay Packers’ defense but we also could be looking at the dawning of the age of Montravius Adams as well.

Adams has turned the heads of both fans and teammates this offseason and training camp with his improved physical condition as well as explosive ability, something the Packers will be counting on him to provide with the still-stunning release of Mike Daniels.

Considering Adams last season was immediately in defensive coordinator Mike Pettine’s doghouse, the turnaround is remarkable and teammates took notice. Kenny Clark said Adams was the most improved player on defense heading into camp and Pettine agreed.

When you’re on your coach’s bad side his first day, it can make or break a young player. Adams took the criticism from Pettine as motivation and showed up ready to contribute and it really was his improvement that made Green Bay comfortable in moving on from Daniels.

There’s probably no higher compliment a team can give a player.

You can read more on Adams’ turnaround plus what life is like for another former Packers defender in today’s cheese curds.

Leaner, more explosive Montravius Adams ready to help fill Mike Daniels’ shoes—

The Packers took a risk in releasing Daniels and Adams’ improvement negates some of that risk. That said, his improvement needs to translate into results on game day or that move could end up backfiring.

Sound approach is working for Kevin King—

Something that stood out to me when I attended practice Sunday was how good Kevin King can be when fully healthy. This is a big year for him and he knows it. He needs to force turnovers, just like the rest of the defense.

Za’Darius Smith, Preston Smith have ‘been as advertised’ for Packers—Packers Wire

Pettine has been impressed with two of the biggest free agent signings the Packers made this offseason. Their versatility will serve their coordinator well as he tries to resuscitate Green Bay’s pass rush.

Clay Matthews ready for new chapter with Rams—

Clay Matthews went home in the offseason and now finds himself coached by Wade Phillips. If Phillips can’t revive Matthews’ career, then the Packers truly made the right call moving on from the former All-Pro.

Definitely weird’: man bites snake—Reuters

The tables turned on the reptile, though I can’t imagine that it tasted very good. The snake, I mean.