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Cheese Curds, 7/8: Packers’ new-look offensive line takes shape

Yes, four starters return, but it will be a different line in 2019.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When the Green Bay Packers take the field for the first time in the 2019 regular season, their offensive line will look significantly different. No, the starting personnel has not changed massively, as there is only one expected starting position changing hands. But between that one change and the shift from an old, long-tenured position coach to a young, new one, this unit will indeed see some significant changes this summer.

The addition of Billy Turner from Denver should at least settle down the right guard position, one that was a constant thorn in Aaron Rodgers’ side last season. Between Justin McCray, Byron Bell, and Lucas Patrick, the quality of play at that spot just was not sufficient in 2018, and the team sounds highly optimistic about Turner delivering there this season.

Beyond that, however, Adam Stenavich takes over as offensive line coach, replacing James Campen. For a unit like the O-line, where technique is so critical, having a new coach in and trying to instill new or different techniques in his veterans can either be a catalyst for growth and improvement or for impressive failure. How Stenavich approaches coaching his linemen will go a long way to determining the success that this group attains in 2019.

Billy Turner fitting right in with Packers’ offensive line |
Barring injury, Turner will be the starter at right guard this season. He's already drawn praise from his quarterback, and Bryan Bulaga sounds excited to get used to a new player next to him who should be a steady presence throughout the coming year.

Ask a former NFL player: How much will the Packers OL technique change? -
As for the line as a whole, Matub asked former NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz about Adam Stenavich's approach and whether he will ask his charges to change their technique. In the meantime, both of them probably annoyed the "Packers are always holding" crowd on Twitter.

Flexibility ties together Packers’ new-look pass-rushing group | Packers Wire
None of the Packers' edge rushers is a one-trick pony. Whether it's rushing from the interior, dropping into coverage, or defending the run, every member of this position group has strengths in multiple areas, which is exactly what Mike Pettine wants.

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Davante Adams mentions Michael Vick, while Aaron Rodgers picks Michael Jordan. Rodgers and Brett Favre also show up on a number of other players' minds.

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Maybe this will get that awful new intro song off the air?

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We wish a massive congratulations to the USWNT for their victory yesterday. Rose Lavelle, a University of Wisconsin product, had the second goal to give the US some breathing room with about 20 minutes remaining in the second half.