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Nike reveals new Pegasus 36 Packers shoe collection

Here’s where you can order your pair before the season starts.


As sports fans, we focus heavily on the head and torso when wearing gear to support our team. Hats, shirts, and jerseys are the most common parts of a fan’s wardrobe, and with good reason. Once in a while, we even find shorts, pants, or other items to cover our legs that come in Green Bay Packers colors to spice it up a bit.

But what about our feet?

How many APC readers have green and gold shoes to match the rest of the wardrobe? If you don’t want to be the person who wears your ratty old tennis shoes or kicks that don’t match the rest of your Packers gear, we have good news. The preseason isn’t just time for NFL teams to figure out the back end of their rosters; it’s also time for apparel manufacturers to roll out the items for the new season, and today there are a couple new, slick designs available to Packers nation.

The annual Nike Packers-themed shoes have dropped

And they’re available for men and women in a new style as well. Check them out here!