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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Debate over Aaron Rodgers’ playing time rages on

No one actually knows the correct answer, but that doesn’t stop people from thinking they do

NFL: Preseason-Green Bay Packers at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s become the biggest question of the preseason and no one will know the correct answer for the next two months.

“Should Aaron Rodgers play in the preseason and if so, how much?”

It’s a question making the rounds at almost every Packers site on the internet and it’s a fair question to ask. Green Bay is running a new offensive system for the first time in 13 years and Rodgers should need some live game reps to adjust to it, correct?

That’s the thought process many fans seem to have and while it’s logically sound, both Rodgers and head coach Matt LaFleur don’t seem overly concerned about it. Rodgers feels like his best reps come in practice and general manager Brian Gutekunst weighed in saying it’s not like Rodgers is learning “a different sport.” The head coach also seemed to follow the same mindset last week saying it wasn’t a “necessity” to see Rodgers in an exhibition game.

Fans can armchair quarterback that decision all day, but if the GM, coach and quarterback all seem to be on the same page then maybe it’s best to trust their judgment.

Yet the past few seasons, albeit under a different coach, Rodgers has started slow and some pointed to a lack of preseason reps for those poor starts. Now with a new offense, the Packers will give detractors even more ammunition even if lack of game reps isn’t really the true cause. People will blame the Packers for holding Rodgers out of the preseason should the offense struggle whether it’s fair or not.

Until that time comes, fans have no choice but to trust Gutekunst, LaFleur and Rodgers. They seem him more than any fan or writer does and if they’re comfortable that should be enough for fans.

Until the games that count begin, that is. Then the microscope gets turned on.

Now onto today’s cheese curds.

Aaron Rodgers, Packers downplay importance of preseason playing time—

In all honesty Rodgers sitting is probably the right call, but I will feel awful for fans in Winnipeg paying $100+ a seat to see another DeShone Kizer start.

Jamaal Williams excited to get back to work—

Hamstring injuries can linger an entire season and Jamaal Williams doesn’t want to further risk tweaking it before he returns to the field. He’s close however and while he wants to see a goose fly while in Canada, he’d love to let it fly during the game as well.

Packers’ Mike Pettine brings his ‘Cheesecake Factory menu’ to sideline—ESPN

Pettine traditionally has coached from the booth just like his predecessor Dom Capers. This year he will be on the sideline and while he may not like looking like he’s carrying a restaurant menu, he will get a lot more hands-on time with players during a game.

Breaking down the Packers’ 90-man roster with two preseason games to go—Packers Wire

With the preseason at the halfway point, roster battles are heating up in Green Bay and while some positions are coming into focus others are still as unclear as they were when training camp began.

Moose crashes pool party, steals taco—UPI

If you see a moose in front of your local Taco Bell, he’s not there as a guide. He probably just stole a Taco Supreme.