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Packers vs. Raiders Preseason 2019 - First half game updates & discussion

The Packers are in Winnipeg to take on the Raiders, pending field issues; follow along here.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s just about game time. In theory. The Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders are getting ready to head out on the turf at IG Field in Winnipeg to get the teams’ third preseason game underway. However, the turf is putting the game in question, the second time in four seasons that a Packers preseason game is having major issues thanks to shoddy field conditions.

About two hours before game time, officials from both teams began examining an area of turf in one end zone at the stadium, a spot where CFL goal posts normally go into the ground. That spot has been inspected ad nauseum by now, and it appears that both teams have agreed to play the game (potentially on a shortened field, taking the affected end zone out of the field of play).

The Packers were planning on suiting up the starters for the first part of tonight’s game, with Aaron Rodgers’ availability still unannounced, but that plan may be over. It appears that Matt LaFleur and company are planning to hold most of the team’s starters out of the game after all, according to reports.

If you’re up for it, hang out with us in a (possible) game thread here and follow along with the events of the contest (if it indeed takes place).

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